1. I hear that GESTER is a trusted toy, furniture, Children bed and bicycle testing equipment supplier in China. So, can you guarantee product quality?
-Superior product quality is what we have been concentrated on: we have passed ISO 9001 and SGS certification, and our testing machines are supplied with CE and ISO 17025 calibration certificates. So, reliable product quality is ensured.

2. What kind of power supply is required?
-You can use relevant electrical devices to manually change the mains supply's voltage between 110V and 220V (50Hz or 60Hz) so as to power our testing equipment.

3. As for packages, what is your solution to avoid product damage during transportation?
-Every single piece of our testing equipment, no matter it is intended for toy, Children bed, Children bicycle, furniture, is packed by bubble wrap and then placed in wooden boxes. This method has been proven to be very economical and practical.

4. How about the after-sales service?
-Our testing equipment has a warranty period of 16 months, and if there is any problem, you will get professional advice from us within 24 hours. When warranty period expires, we also offer maintenance service, and only a small amount of money is charged.

5. I know you are great, but I am still worrying about product quality. Is there any solution?
-We will sign a letter of commitment while signing the contract. Hope this helps.

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If you have questions related to after-sales service, please contact either of the following two :
Mr. Luke Cui
-Position: Technical Manager

Mr. Danie Hua
-Position: Senior Technical Engineer

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