127×60 mm loading pad
127×60 mm loading pad

BIFMA 127×60 mm loading pad GT-LB01-12

(Furniture Testing)

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    T/T ,L/C
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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    BIFMA X5.1 - 2017 Section18,19

127×60 mm loading pad


This load pad is designed specifically for BIFMA X5.1, which is a rigid rectangle object 127×60 mm in dimension ,with a 12 mm front edge radius. Mainly used to test the office chair arm static load and durability.


BIFMA X5.1 - 2017 Section18,19

Key Specifications 

Applications Industry 

All kinds of chair products can be tested on BIFMA 127×60 mm loading pad


Subject : BIFMA 127×60 mm loading pad GT-LB01-12

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