Dyeing Fur Abrasion Tester
Dyeing Fur Abrasion Tester

Dyeing Fur Abrasion Tester GT-LC24

(Furniture Testing Equipment)

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Dyeing Fur Abrasion Tester


This machine is used to test color fastness of dyeing fur, suitable for all kinds of dyeing fur under dry abrasion test and wet abrasion test. The sample is a piece of whole fur, and the testing area is center part of the whole fur. The length of the friction part is: 270mm for the large fur, 210mm for the medium fur, and 150mm for the small fur.

QB/T 2790, GB/T14254--93


GESTER develops the control system by ourselves, which has setting and counting functions.There are start, stop, pause, count and clear functions on the test control panel. It can count from 0 to 999,999 times and it will automatically stop when the set number of times is reached. The control system controls the motor to rub back and forth at a certain speed. The friction distance is driven by the eccentric wheel, and the friction distance is conveniently adjusted. The friction head is made of SUS304 stainless steel. It will not rust when doing dry and wet friction. The diameter of the friction head is 30mm. Adopting CNC lathe to ensure the parallelism of the friction head and the test platform and avoid the unilateral phenomenon  during the test to ensure the reliability of the test results.

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Dyeing Fur Abrasion Tester

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Dyeing Fur Abrasion Tester Key Specification


Subject : Dyeing Fur Abrasion Tester GT-LC24

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