Government leaders' on-the-spot guidance in GESTER May 12, 2017

Nowdays, technology as the core of the enterprise, has attracted more attentions from the governments and theorists in many countries.The city leaders to inspect the work in GESTER.

Accompanied by the company's general manager joyce on the division our office environment, enterprise development, cultural construction and other aspects of a comprehensive understanding.

Led a line has visited the company's corporate culture construction display area, office office hall, visited our laboratory, general manager joyce for the leaders in detail the division our products and applications, the leadership of our product evaluation highly appreciated and love, on the high-speed development of GESTER expressed praise.

(Visited the company's corporate culture construction display area)

And then led  the leaders to the conference forum, the general manager of joyce on the arrival of the leadership of the city expressed a warm welcome, and introduced the company's development and future grand blueprint, GESTER in the design and manufacture of test equipment for more than 20 years Experience, now leading the industry and play an important role in improving the product quality of toys,furniture manufacturers, and believe that under the care of the municipal government leaders, GESTER can focus on the future, the innovation mechanism is The next step in the development of the company to build a solid foundation!

(Joyce extended a warm welcome to the leadership)

(Government leaders gave on-the-spot guidance to GESTER)

Through this inspection, GESTER will strive to provide better service to customers, will also assume social responsibility, together to build a better Quanzhou.

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