Salt Spray Test Chamber
Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt Spray Test Chamber GT-F50A

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    CNS3627,3885,4159,7669,8886,JIS D-0201,H-8502,H-8610,K-5400,Z-2371, ISO 3768,3769,3770,ASTM B-117,B-268,GB-T2423

Salt Spray Test Chamber


Salt Spray Tester is also called Salt spray test chamber. The Salt Spray Tester aims at determining the product corrosion resistance after various kinds of materials surface suffering electroplating, anodizing, painting, rust-proof oil corrosion resistance treatment.The machine is suitable for neutral salt spray test (NSS) and acidic corrosion experiment (AASS, CASS).



JIS D-0201,H-8502,H-8610,K-5400,Z-2371,

ISO 3768,3769,3770,

ASTM B-117,B-268,


Salt Spray Test Chamber Feature

1. The whole equipment adopts material of 5mm import gray PVC sheet, Internal adopts advanced band produced three-dimensional reinforcement technology, with strong structure, no deformation, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and no aging. It is applied to all kinds of test specifications such as salt spray, copper acetate, etc.
2. Heating method: test room adopts steam direct heating method, temperature rise fast and uniform , reduce the standby time, the heating tube is made from titanium tube with high corrosion resistance.
3. Hopper: 2 built-in spray quantity collection cylinder (only one 60 type ), comparing to the traditional external type, it does not easily break down.
4. Laboratory commodity shelf uses plane dividing shelf, commodity shelf is the ¢10mm toughened glass rod with corrosion resistance. Plastic steel V type shelf and glass rod placing objects make sure the sample 30 degree bevel angle, the angle can be arbitrarily adjusted,the  direction of spray falling around is the same as the  direction of spay receiving, test piece is set with large quantity.
5. Machine body support: SECC U-bar with angle iron spray paint, four wheel slide and can be pushed for moving( limit use for 120 L type or more than 120 L).
6. Pressure barrel:  2.0MMSUS201 stainless steel seamless welding.
7. Heating delivery: titanium tube used, long service life, high degree corrosion resistance.
8. Equipment cover:  made of 5MM import transparent acrylic sheets, exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance.
9. Dual function of over-temperature protection attached, when over-temperature the warning display and cut off the heater power to make sure safe use.
10. Including automatic spray exhausting device.Can clear observe the sample in the test room.
11. Sample supplement jar adopts hidden and water level perspective window attached, it is easy to clean and not easy cracking.

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Key Specifications

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Applications Industry 

 All kinds of materials can be tested on the Salt Spray Tester


Subject : Salt Spray Test Chamber GT-F50A

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