Sponge Resilience Tester
Sponge Resilience Tester

Sponge Resilience Tester GT-LE02

(Furniture Testing Equipment)

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    ISO 8307, GB/T 6670, ASTM D3574.

Sponge Resilience Tester


Sponge Resilience Tester make a steel ball free fall on flexible foamed plastics or other flexible materials.

To test the rebound height and used to determine the rebound resilience(coefficient of resilience) within the test term of the polyurethane flexible material.

It adopts the photoelectric technology, electromagnetic control and digital pipe display measurements, and includes functions of good precision, repeat-ability, convenient, beautiful appearance,etc. Therefore, visual inspection and instrument test are both used, which not only improve the instrument reliability, but also is convenient for users to use. The tester provides a feasible method.for the accurate determination of elastic material resilience such as flexible plastic foam, it can reduce human error and visual fatigue.


ISO 8307, GB/T 6670, ASTM D3574.

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Sponge Resilience Tester


Subject : Sponge Resilience Tester GT-LE02

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