Sharp Point Tester
Sharp Point Tester Sharp Point Tester Sharp Point Tester Sharp Point Tester Sharp Point Tester Sharp Point Tester

Toys Testing Sharp Point Tester GT-MB04

(Toys Testing)

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Sharp Point Tester


Sharp point tester used to determinate that points on toys and other articles intended for use by children under 8 years of age, and such points exposed in normal use or as a result of reasonably foreseeable damage or abuse of such toys and articles, present a potential risk of injury by puncture or laceration.

Standards of sharp point test:

ISO 8124-1


16 CFR 1500

ASTM F 963


EN 16890-2017

Test Principle

The sharp point tester device has a slot with 0.04 inches width and 0.045 inches long rectangular opening, the two reference sizes sharpness are inserted into the depth of 0.015 inches deep hole of the sensor head. And overcome the spring of 0.5 pound elastic to cause the sensor head to move 0.005 inches again. That was identified as sharp point.

Apply Range: Glass toys or components, toys sharp point and metal wires, protrusion on toys, packaging shell of toys driving mechanism, hard materials covering face (like protective eyeglasses, space helmet or helmet shield), toys of affordable children’ weight(toys car, ice skates, etc.)

Key Specifications 



Bottom slot

0.040 x 0.045 inch (1.15 x 1.02mm)

Touched depth (Slotted vane thickness)

0.015 inch (0.38mm)

Spring elastic force



12V 23A Battery






ISO 8124-1 section 5.9

EN-71-1 section 8.12

16 CFR 1500 section 48

ASTM F 963 section 4.9

GB 6675-2 section 5.9

EN 16890-2017 Section  8.4

Sharp Point Tester Instructions

1. Place the sharp cusp tester on the accessible cusp and check that the sharp point being tested can be inserted into the sharp tester to the specified depth. The test tip is inserted into the measuring slot and an external force of 1 lb is applied to make the indicator light, and the cusp is determined to be a sharp cusp.
2. Wood thorns in wooden toys are dangerously sharp and sharp, so they must not exist on toys.
3. The sensor head must be adjusted as required before each inspection to ensure accurate and sensitive sensing.
4. When adjusting the sharp cusp tester, first loosen the lock ring and then rotate the lock ring to advance the indicator device a sufficient distance to expose the calibration reference scale on the circle. Rotate the measurement cover clockwise until the indicator light flashes. Rotate the measuring cap counterclockwise until the appropriate micrometer mark matches the calibration scale, then turn the locking ring until the locking ring is against the measuring cap to secure the test cover.

Sharp Point Tester GT-MB04

Applications Industry 

All kinds of below toys products can be tested on the GT-MB04 Sharp Point Tester

Sharp Point Tester GT-MB04


Subject : Toys Testing Sharp Point Tester GT-MB04

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