Twenty-one years of growth, the future is more exciting Apr 23, 2018

Twenty-one years of hard work, twenty-one years common prosperity, and twenty-one years of fruitful harvests. Since the establishment of the company on April 22, 1997, GESTER has gone through 21-years process of hardships, twists and turns, solidarity, and struggle. The company has experienced entrepreneurial hardship from scratch and from small to large. On the 22nd Apr 2018, GESTER celebrated its 21st birthday.

To celebrate GESTER's birthday, we arrived at Harry's Villa to celebrate the day. In the morning: People who like to sing sang for a whole morning in KTV ; mahjong groups played mahjong; playing pool is also a good sport. Noon lunch is hot pot.

In the afternoon, everyone gathered for a conference award and reviewed the achievements of GESTER in the past 21 years. We also played games: “You perform, I guess”, “Beat drum and deliver ball”; In the evening, we sang a birthday song for GESTER and cut the cake. The happy day ended in everyone's laughter.

Twenty-one years of sharpening, we went through the wind and rain with a smile. Twenty-one years of struggle, cast our glory in the storm! Looking back on the past, entrepreneurship is not easy; Looking ahead tomorrow, we should know that the front road is still full of hardships. However, we deeply understand that this is an era in which both opportunities and challenges coexist. We must meet both opportunities and challenges. I wish GESTER happy 8th anniversary and getting better!

Don't forget to why you start - move forward!

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