Warmly welcome Ethiopia customers to visit Gester Dec 27, 2018

GESTER received an email in December from the customer who wanted to visit us.

The customer is AFRICAN BAMBOO from Ethiopia.

In December 26, 2018.We picked up Dominique and Nils at 9:00 am and go to the office to discuss the required machine.The customer said our products are abundant and varied.

An hour later, we go to the factory, visited the GT-C52 Programmable Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber, GT-K01 Universal Testing Machine (Dual Column), GT-D10 Drying Oven and other machines.Customers are most interested in the tension machine.

And the sample has been brought and they informed us of the standard they need to do.After the technician confirmed, we can do these and need to customize grips.

In lunch time, Dominique and Nils expressed that was satisfied with this visiting.

Looked forward to the next visit GESTER Instrument.

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