box compression testing machine
box compression testing machine box compression testing machine box compression testing machine box compression testing machine box compression testing machine

100KN Carton Box Compression Tester GT-N02D

(Furniture Testing)

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box compression testing machine


Carton Box Compression Tester uses high-precision force sensor to test the resistance value of pressure and display it directly. The most direct equipment for testing the pressure resistance of containers made of cardboard or other materials. It is used to determine the cargo capacity and stacking height of the carton. It is suitable for the compression and holding test of various packages and cartons. The test results can be used as an important reference for the stacking height of the finished packaging box or an important basis for packaging box designing.

100KN Carton Box Compression Tester Feature

  • Power system: servo motor + servo drive + worm gear reducer + ball screw
  • Speed range: 0.001-500mm/min (adjustable)
  • After the test, it will automatically store and return to the origin
  • Data transmission: RS232 transmission
  • Test space: test width≈1600mm; board travel space≈1600mm
  • Displacement: Encoder 1000 P/R, 4 times better accuracy
  • With LINE DRIVE encoder with anti-interference ability and strong displacement analysis 0.001mm
  • Safety device: overload emergency stop  device, upper and lower stroke limit device, leakage automatic power off system, automatic interrupt stop function
  • Manual control mode: increase the manual operation box

Key Specifications



Test Space

1600×1600×1600mm (can be customized)


30KN, 50KN, 70KN, 100KN (optional)




International units(switch freely)

Control System

Motor + servo system

Induction Mode

High precision load cell


Computer screen display

Test Speed

0.001-500mm/min adjustable (standard speed 12.7mm/min)

Return Speed


Holding Function

With Holing Function(holding time / weight can be set)


Subject : 100KN Carton Box Compression Tester GT-N02D

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