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Chair Seating Impact Durability Testing Machine GT-LB05

(Furniture Testing Equipment)

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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    EN1728-2012, EN16139-2013, EN581-2-2015, EN1729-2-2012, ISO7173-1989, BIFMAX5.1-2011, GB/T 10357.3 -2013, BS5459-2-2000, QB/T2280-2007,BIFMAX5.11-2011

Chair Seating Testing Machine


This Chair Seating Testing Machine applies to all types of chairs, with 2 functions of chair seating impact and seating durability test.

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the ability of the chair to withstand heavy and abusive impact forces on the seat and evaluate the ability of chairs to withstand fatigue stresses and wear caused by downward vertical force(s) on the seat.


1.The main structure of the chair testing machine is made of aluminum, beautiful and easy to maintain.
2.Using PLC touch screen control, operation more convenient.
3.In addition, the chair testing machine loading device using electric control movements, more extensive test space.

Standards and Accessories

Key Specifications Chair Impact Durability Testing Machine

Applications Industry 
All kinds of chair products can be tested on the BIFMAX5.1 chair testing equipment
Chair Seating Impact and Durability Testing Machine

Chair Durability Testing Machine

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