Furniture Universal Testing Machine Jul 30, 2019

The furniture universal testing machine is suitable for the inspection of finished products such as table, cabinet, chair and stool, bed and other households used in homes, hotels, restaurants and other occasions. Tests for durability and impact properties, excluding the strength and durability of wall and wall-mounted cabinet attachments. GESTER Instruments recently introduced a Universal Furniture Testing Machine.

Model: GT-LA10

Working principle: The furniture mechanics comprehensive performance tester is a test to simulate the strength or endurance of the components under normal or repeated use of the components under normal or repeated loading conditions.


1. Furniture Universal Testing Machine is designed with a frame structure. The frame is made of high quality industrial aluminum and is beautiful.

2. Install up to 8 sets of cylinders, one on each side and three on the top frame, one for each. All cylinders can be adjusted up and down to cover all mounting surfaces. Eight sets of cylinders can perform joint or independent operation.

3. The bottom fixing block can be freely adjusted to suit different specifications.

4. The PC controller controls the operation of the instrument; the operation is intuitive and simple.

5. Use the precision pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure and change the load force value; the high-precision force sensor immediately senses the force value; each load group is separately adjusted and controlled; the loading force is stable and reliable.

6. Removable loading pad, which can be easily replaced with different loading pads to meet different testing requirements.

GESTER Instruments specializes in the production of furniture testing equipment, including various types of Chair Testing Machines, Mattress Testing Machines, Desk and Table Testing Mmachine etc., to provide manufacturers with more machines that meet market standards. Want to know more, welcome Contact us at:

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