How to Maintain the Cornell Mattress Fatigue Testing Machine ? Jan 11, 2023
Cornell Tester Mattress Spring Fatigue Tester uses sofa Cornell fatigue life test method, motor drive eccentric wheel, adjust the impacting height of the impact block, then impact the testing mattress by 120-160 times / min, counter measures the impacting times, shut down automatically when reaches the setting times.

Every machine needs maintenance, and Furniture tester Mattress Spring Fatigue Tester is no exception. Next, GESTER will tell you how to maintain the Cornell Mattress Spring Fatigue Testing Machine.

Mattress Spring Fatigue Tester

Maintain Procedure

1. Cleaning : Keep the Mattress Spring Fatigue Tester clean at all times.

2. Rust protection : It should spray anti-rust oil on instrument metal surface regularly.

3. Lubrication : Add the lubricating oil to drive parts (such as rotary gears, bearings) of the fatigue tester periodically.

4. Check if each key of the control panel works well regularly.

Cornell Mattress Fatigue Testing Machine

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