Mattress Hardness Tester
Mattress Hardness Tester Mattress Hardness Tester Mattress Hardness Tester

Mattress Hardness Tester GT-LA04

(Furniture Testing Equipment)

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    ASTM F1566, BS EN 1957, QB/T 1952.2

Mattress Hardness Tester


Mattress hardness tester is used to evaluate the firmness of the instrument.It is widely applied to foam products, mattress manufacturing, car seat manufacturers and other industries,which is used to laboratory test and quality control in production line.


ASTM F1566, BS EN 1957, QB/T 1952.2


Universal hardness and hardness measurements are based on a physical property called indentation force deflection.

The hardness is calculated by determining the ratio of the thickness after being compressed and the original circular

indentation force. The computer receives the signal from the sensor and record the extent of indentation when the platen

stresses on the specimen. In order to compare the test results,the size and thickness of specimens must be the same.

Key Specifications 

Mattress Hardness Tester

Applications Industry 
All kinds of foam samples can be tested on the Mattress Hardness Tester


Subject : Mattress Hardness Tester GT-LA04

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