Operating Steps Of The Baby Walking Frame Dynamic Strength Testing Machine Sep 16, 2022

This Baby Walking Frame Dynamic Strength Testing Machine applies to all types of baby walking frame, used to walking frame seating dynamic strength test.

EN 1273 Baby Walking Frame Dynamic Strength Tester Feature

1. The main structure of the machine is made of aluminum, beautiful and easy to maintain.

2. Using PLC touch screen control, operation more convenient.

3. In addition, the machine loading device using electric control movements, more extensive test space.

Baby Walking Frames Tester Steps

1. Turn on the power.

2. Put the stroller on the test platform.

3. Adjust the position of the weight so that theweiaht touches the center of the seat.

4. Fix the stroller with ropes.

5. Set the beam height and adjust the weightposition through "beam up" and "beam down".

6. Set the test height and test times.

7. Click zero to clear the data. Click the "start" button to start the test.

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