What Is The Drawer Durability Strength Testing Method Jun 15, 2022
Drawer Durability Strength Testing Machine is designed to test the durability and strength of drawers, desks, cabinets and wardrobe.
Capable of cycling time control, constant travel control, frequency control, test force display.
PLC controller to control the actions of the instrument; the operation is intuitive and simple.
Using the precision pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure to change the loading force value; high precision force sensor sense the force value immediately.

Drawer Durability& Strength Testing Machine GT-LD01CTesting Method

1. Use a tapeline to measure the distance that the sample handle(where fixture fixed) needs to be pulled apart during the test.
2. Start up, enter the test interface, set the distance between two sensor,it should be the same as the handle pulling distance during the test.
3. Adjust the cylinder to the front sensor where it lit
4. Clamp the sample with the fixture
(ps: The position of the sample needs to be convenient for the cylinderto open the door.)
5. Set the test number, zero clearing the current test number

6. Press the start button to start the test

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