About The Maintenance Details Of The Office Chair Furniture Tester Dec 17, 2021
Enterprises in the procurement office furniture testing instrument, we first need to consider is the instrument installation place in that place, need to have those conditions, suitable for any environment, at the same time to learn a lot from buying office furniture testing machine technicians some specifications such as knowledge, to learn how to care instruments, Provide precise data liters to lengthen the service life of the instrument. GESTER summarizes the following five points that you need to pay attention to:

1. Prevent exposure to the sun: When placing office furniture testing instruments, it is generally best not to choose a place close to windows and avoid direct sunlight. Because if the furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time, it may fade, crack, peel, etc., and the metal furniture may oxidize and lose its luster.

2. Avoid humidity: the dry humidity in the room should be kept at a relatively stable level. When using the humidifier, pay attention to the spray not directly aimed at the furniture.

3. Keep away from heat sources: The office furniture testing instruments should be placed far away from gas, radiators, electric heaters and other heat sources, so as to avoid long time, after the furniture is heated, the moisture evaporates too fast, causing the paint surface of the furniture to crack, peel and fade the furniture And other phenomena.

4. Reasonable placement: The placement of office furniture testing instruments is a very important link. The ground must be kept flat. After the furniture is placed, it can be stable. Because if the furniture is in a swinging state for a long time, the stress on each part will be uneven. It will cause the fasteners to loosen and the glued parts will open, which will affect the service life of the furniture.

5. Cleaning and maintenance: office furniture testing instruments used for a long time, there will be dust accumulation, we can use cotton cloth, clean up the dust on the surface, the surface of the place with paint, do not use liquor or refined gasoline and other liquid wipe. Every other month to check the instrument screws are not loose, Check the control panel keys are not working.

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