How To Test The Hardness Of A Mattress Dec 21, 2021
How to test the hardness of a mattress 

Before foam hardness test, we need to understand the structure and hardness level of the mattress, which is more convenient for us to test. 

What is the structure of the mattress 
The depth of a mattress depends on the thickness of each of the layers inside it. Most mattresses have 2 layers inside them, but high-quality mattresses may have three, four, or more layers. Each layer contains different materials. These materials affect the cushion, support, and durability of your mattress. The two basic layers found in all mattresses are the comfort layer and the base layer.

1. The comfort layer is the plush top layer of the mattress.Comfort layers are usually meant to be 2 to 3 inches thick to provide adequate cushion and support.
2. The base layer, also called the foundation layer, determines mattress durability. In most high-quality mattresses, the base layer comprises at least 50 percent of total mattress thickness. 

Levels of Firmness
1. Hardness 1: Mattresses with the hardness H1 are very rare, as this degree of hardness is only suitable for adults up to 60 kg. These are usually custom-made.
2. Hardness 2: People weighing between 60 and 80 Kg should choose this degree of hardness.
3. Hardness 3: Mattresses with a hardness of H3 are most frequently bought. The upper limit of such a mattress is 110 Kg.
4. Hardness 4: A mattress with hardness H4 has an upper limit of 140 Kg and is described as very firm.
5. Hardness 5: The hardness degree H5 is one of the rarest degrees of hardness with the hardness H1. They are also usually made of special products for people weighing over 140 kg.
Depending on the mattress manufacturer, however, these details may vary. As there are no fixed rules on how to specify the degree of hardness, manufacturers are free to decide on these designations. 

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Mattress Hardness Tester Instruments Principle
1. Universal hardness and hardness measurements are based on a physical property called indentation force deflection.

2. The hardness is calculated by determining the ratio of the thickness after being compressed and the original circular indentation force. The computer receives the signal from the sensor and record the extent of indentation when the platen stresses on the specimen. In order to compare the test results,the size and thickness of specimens must be the same.

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