Ball Impact Tester
Ball Impact Tester Ball Impact Tester Ball Impact Tester Ball Impact Tester Ball Impact Tester

Ball Impact Tester GT-M28

(Toys Testing Equipments)

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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    ASTM F963, ISO 8124-1, GB6675-2

Ball Impact Tester


Toys Testing Equipment Ball Impact Tester is used to test the impact resistance of all rigid toys that cover the face, such as goggles, space helmets or face shields. According to the standard, after testing, the toys shall not produce sharp edges, sharp points or loose parts which could enter the eye. This applies to toys with cut-out eye holes as well as items that cover the eyes.


ASTM F 963 section 8.7.4
ISO 8124-1 section 5.14
GB6675-2 section 5.14

Key Specifications 



Steel ball

Mass: 15.8g  Diameter: 16mm

Fall mode

electromagnetic absorption or release

Impact height

130 cm

Power supply

AC 220V 50/60HZ

Packing dimensions

52 x 42 x 28cm

Packing weight



Standards accessories


Steel ball




Optional accessories


GT-MB01 Sharp Edge Tester



GT-MB03 Small Part Cylinder



GT-MB04 Sharp Point Tester

Ball Drop Test Equipment Instructions:

1) Affix the toy. Use the universal clamp to affix the toy firmly. (sample should be affixed firmly or not should be depend on the shape of toy and client’s requirement.)
2) Set the testing stroke range. Use left hand to unscrew the fix handle in the electromagnet rod, move the bottom of the electromagnet rod to the height which is above the drop height in 4cm (the drop height is not accurate in this moment), then screw the fix handle slightly, adsorb the steel ball to the electromagnet. Place the one end of the square perpendicular to the scale in the height required on drop bar, move slightly to let the bottom of steel ball to be vertical to the scale in the height required on the height gauge, then screw the fix handle firmly.
3) Start the test. Press the fall key, the steel ball will be free falling to impact the testing sample. Test could be done repeatedly or change the steel ball to test or change the sample to test, and the result of each test should be recorded.

ASTM F963 Ball Impact Tester

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All kinds of children products can be tested on the Ball Impact Tester

Ball Impact Tester


Subject : Ball Impact Tester GT-M28

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